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last update April 13, 2003

Sikh Arts
April 13, 2003
A Seminar on Sikh Arts was hosted by the Sikh Foundation on April 4, 2003, as part of the celebrations for the opening of the first permanent Sikh gallery in the United States. A panel of Sikh women - a Chair of Sikh studies, a historian, and several artists - made presentations to a mixed audience of about 100 people.

Grand Gurdwara March 31, 2003:

£17.5M Sikh Temple Opens
March 30, 2003: BBC

SC Dismisses Davinderpal Singh's Plea
April 3, 2003; The Tribune
Law May Bar Widow from Murder Trial
March 30, 2003; CNN
Civil War Become Essential: Togadia
March 27, 2003: Central Chronicle

Police Arrest Protesters Awaiting President Kalam at Golden Temple
Gatka at Camp Gurmat
190 Members of US Congress Support Davinderpal Singh
Waging Peace in the Streets
Sisters and Marble
Our Heads Hang in Shame
Woman: "The Other Half, The Doorway to Moksha"

The First Permanent Sikh Arts Exhibit
April 13, 2003
The Sikh Art Gallery is an achievement of the Sikh Foundation. Its chairman by Narinder Singh donated $500,000 to the museum and

nearly one hundred works of Sikh art from his private collection. The gallery is named in honor of his wife Satinder Kaur.

Dysfunktional Update
April 13, 2003
A Racist Film and the Sikh Response
April 4, 2003

Griffin is shown outside yelling at an elderly Sikh man walking by, "Bin Laden! I knew you was around here! Gonna getcha! Told you I'd find him myself."
Houston Man Killed in Robbery
April 3, 2003
Jaswinder Singh, 51, was given a final farewell yesterday. He was shot dead in the gas station where he worked. The incident occurred nearly a week ago. All indications are that it was not a hate crime, but a plain robbery.

The Pitfalls of Eye Candy
April 13, 2003
Sikh artists producing works on cultural, social or political themes are certainly acceptable. But when they dwell upon Sikh religious topics, they have a huge responsibility to the Sikh people. Many have not lived up to that responsibility. A great deal of artwork, past and present, is disrespectful to our Gurus and boarders on being sacrilegious.

Quest for Freedom

Sangram Singh (CA)
The recent developments in the world have brought out a deep divide in most communities as if the current conflict was avoidable and as if alternate means existed to get to the defined goal.

Every Movement Has Its Time

March 29, 2003
It was March 10th, 12am, when eleven Sikh women from the U.S. and India prepared themselves to enter the Darbar Sahib to do the cleaning seva. The year was 1996;
Right to Protest
Manjit Singh (MD)
A Sikh has the right to follow his/her conscience and exercise his/her First Amendment rights.
For War
Pritam Singh (USA)
Has this Anti-War demonstration been sanctioned by the Sikh Panth?
UK Gurdwaras Welcome Disabled
The Disabled Deserve Better
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SMART Warns Miramax
April 4,, 2003: India West

FBI Warns of Increase in Hate Crimes
March 12, 2003: VOA News
Sikh American's Life Turned Around After False Arrest
February 26, 2003: Newsindpress

I am Not Going to be Silent
April 1, 2003: The Week
Kar Seva to Guild Akal Takht Domes
April 1, 2003: The Tribune
March 30, 2003: PTI
Nanakshai Calander Gets Nod
March 28, 2003: The Tribune

Maimed by Mine Ravages on Border

March 28, 2003: The Tribune

Civil War Become Essential: Togadia
March 27, 2003: Central Chronicle

Asking For Life
March 26, 2003: The Week
India Worried About Sikhs Detained in Pak
March 26, 2003: The Week

Sikh Ousted from Volunteering at Rescue Mission
April 3, 2003: Record-Searchlight
Sony's Metreon Spices Up Technology with Culture
April 1, 2003: Yahoo News
Law May Bar Widow from Murder Trial
March 30, 2003; CNN
US Arabs, Muslims Reporting Hate Crimes
March 28, 2003: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Peace on Minds of Many
March 27, 2003: Daytona Beach News Journal

McDonalds Settlement List Final

March 26, 2003: Seattle Post Intelligencer

Dancer's Delight
April 1, 2003: New Shopper

Grand Gurdwara
March 31, 2003: Guardian

Sikhs Stage a Splendid Celebration

March 27, 2003: Reading Chronicle

I Was Frightened When Gobala Acted Violently
March 25, 2003: Utusan Malaysia
High Court Judge Will Be First to Wear Turban
March 24, 2003: The Guardian

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Air India Bombing Case
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Khalsa Day Seminar
April 3, 2003
National Khalsa Day Parade at the Lincoln Memorial
April 5, 2003
The Sikh Foundation
Opening of the Permanent Sikh Arts Exhibit

San Francisco,CA
April 5, 2003

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