Believe in Yourself, Ottawa Sikhs Told
March 9, 2003: The Hindu

Campus Anti-War Strike Reflects Student Empowerment
by Valerie Kaur
March 12, 2003: The Stanford Daily

Gurdwaras, Temples in Afghanistan Tell Tales of Savagery
March 11, 2003: India Express

Comedy Film Strikes Sour Note with Sikhs
March 14, 2003: New California Media


Protest Ends in Violence at SGPC
Sikh Women Stand for their Rights
New York Sikhs Give Blood
A SMART Recant

Indian SC Will Not Hear Davinderpal Singh Case Again
March 14, 2003
The Supreme Court of India has decided not to admit the curative petition filed by Ram Jethmalani for a larger bench hearing of Davinderpal Singh case. The petition would essentially have allowed a five member Supreme Court panel to retry the case.

Turban Case Debated on MSNBC Talk Show
March 10, 2003
Amardeep Sigh debates the founder and leader of the Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliva.

Women's Seva Rights to be Decided in May
March 11, 2003
The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) will decide by May 15, 2003 on how to implement Sikh women’s right to do seva at Harmandir Sahib.

California Sikhs Recognize Bustamante
February 28, 2003
Lt. Governor to provide Historic Building status to Stockton Gurudwara.

Woman: "The Other Half, The Doorway to Moksha"
Gurtej Singh, Professor of Sikhism
March 6, 2003

It was precisely the molestation of women worshippers which provided the final impetus for reforms in the Gurdwaras.

Sikh Women's Rights Movement Gains Support
March 6, 2003
Sikh organizations and thousands of individuals sign petitions for gender equality.

Seva Denied by Sikh Women
March 6, 2003
Two women sevadaars forcefully pushed Sikh women visitors out of the queue awaiting the palki procession.

For War
Pritam Sngh (USA)
Has this Anti-War demonstration been sanctioned by the Sikh Panth, the Council of Khalistan, The Sikh Secretariat, the SGPC or the Akal Takhat? Or is this some group of rag tag individuals who have to get a life.

UK Gurdwaras Welcome Disabled
Harjinder Singh (UK)
The Singh Sabha Gurdwaras in Southall and Hounslow both agree that handicapped members of the sangat should be able to pay their respect to Sri Guru Granth Sahib, and follow the proceedings in the divan hall.

The Disabled Deserve Better

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FBI Warns of Increase in Hate Crimes
March 12, 2003: VOA News
Sikh American's Life Turned Around After False Arrest
February 26, 2003: Newsindpress

Heritage Status for Golden Temple Opposed
March 15, 2003: The Tribune

Decks Cleared for Nanakshai Calendar
March 12, 2003: The Trubune
SGJC Restrains SGPC from Appointing Jathedaar to Keshgarh Takht
March 11, 2003: Zee News
An Unequal Rite
March 10, 2003: The Week

Need to Ensure Correct History
March 7, 2003: The Tribune

Summon Sarna at Takht: Bitta

March 7, 2003: The Tribune
Sikh Gurdwara Panel Moved
March 7, 2003: The Tribune
Badungar Must Quit: Jathedar
March 7, 2003: The Tribune
India's Craving for Boy Babies Leads to Bride Shortage
March 7, 2003: The Daily Telegraph

Meetings Promote Unity
March 15, 2003: Oregon Daily Emerald
Comedy Film Strikes Sour Note with Sikhs
March 14, 2003: New California Media
Ministering to a Growing City
March 13, 2003: Fresno Neighbors
Asian Art Collection Moving to Heart of San Fransisco
March 12: San Hose Mercury News

On, Off Duty, He Stands Up to Bias

March 10, 2003: Newsday
Shouldering a Language Burden
March 9, 2003: Philadelphia Inquirer

Labour MPs Condemn "Hypocritical" Iraq Policy
March 14, 2003: This is Local London
City Sikhs Mum on BC Case

March 14, 2003: Edmonton Sun
New Society Celebrates Women's Day
March 12, 2003: Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Gurdwaras, Temples in Afghanistan Tell Tales of Savagery
March 11, 2003: India Express

RCMP Entered Rhyat Home, lawyer says
March 10, 2003: The Globe and Mail

Mumbaikar Privy to Canada Spy Agency
March 10, 2003: Mid-Day Mumbai

Sikh Lawyer Wins Racial Bias Case in UK
March 9, 2003: The Hindu

Believe in Yourself, Ottawa Sikhs Told
March 9, 2003: The Hindu

Air India Bomber Shocked by Charges
March 9, 2003:


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National Khalsa Day Parade at the Lincoln Memorial
April 5, 2003
Khalsa Day Grand Concert at the Lincoln Memorial
April 12, 2003
The Sikh Foundation
Opening of the Permanent Sikh Arts Exhibit

San Francisco,CA
April 5, 2003


Petition: Equal Opportunity for Sikh Women in Panthic Seva
Petition: Equality for Disabled Sikhs
Petition: Save Davinderpal Singh from Death Penalty
Petition: Women's Seva Petition for Organizations

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