California Sikhs Recognize Bustamante
Los Angeles -- Lt. Governor Bustamante spoke with pride of his well-established relationship with Californian Sikhs. He delivered an inspirational message to continue with their efforts to provide support within their community and to reach out to the American community as a whole. He made the commitment to deliver on two specific promises in the very near future.

Protest Ends in Violence at SGPC

Disabled Sikhs Experience Discrimination in Gurdwaras

Global -- People in wheelchairs are often not allowed in divaan halls of Gurdwaras.

Amritsar -- Swords were drawn as various groups clashed on panthic issues.
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Voices For Freedom
Betrayed By His Own People: Manjit Singh
19 Hurt as Khalsa Panchayat Men, SGPC Staff Clash

A SMART Recant
Washington, DC -- It incorrectly stated that Inderjit Singh "admitted he assisted others in plotting the bombing of an Air India Boeing 747 over the Atlantic Ocean in June 1985."

Sikh Women Stand for their Rights

New York Sikhs Give Blood

Amritsar -- Two amritdhari Sikh women were forcefully prevented from participating in the sukhasan procession seva.
Declines Comment
SGPC Chief Attacks Togadia
Sikh Women Seek Participation in Religious Services

Richmond Hill -- United Sikhs organized its third annual blood drive at the Makhan Shah Lubhana Sikh Center. Sikh volunteers collaborated with the New York Blood Center which sends seven to eight workers to collect blood.

Pushed Too Far
February 27, 2003
courtesy Jagjot Singh (CA), Gurtej Singh (CA), and Sunmit Singh (MD)
How did the Washington school system let one Sikh American boy be bullied for seven years?

Sikh Jailed for Air India Bombing
February 11, 2003: BBC

Reporter Denies Plotting Terrorism
February 24, 2003: Vancouver Sun

India: Carnage in Gujarat Unpunished
February 27, 2003: Human Rights Watch
Talwara Resigns in Protest
February 26, 2003: The Tribune

Sikh American's Life Turned Around After False Arrest
February 28, 2003: Newsindpress

The Disabled Deserve Better
Kanchandip Sngh
As a wheelchair user who has faced more discrimination from his own Sikh brothers and sisters then from others, I have never lost my faith or respect in Sikhism.

courtesy Seema Kaur
Funny how $10 looks so big when we take it to the Gurduara, but so small when we take it to the shop.
Be a Leader and Liberate Sikh Women

Orlando's Money Back Offer

FBI Director Meuller Meets with Muslim, Sikh, and Arab-American Organizations
February 28, 2003: FBI National Press Office
Washington DC -- Manjit Singh, Chairman of the Sikh Mediawatch and Resource Task Force said, "At this time of vulnerability in our community, we feel that it is very important to maintain open communications with the FBI."

Sikh American's Life Turned Around After False Arrest
February 26, 2003: Newsindpress
Washington DC -- Today the New Delhi-born Sikh has been entrusted with one of the most sensitive jobs in the United States -- to work with top-secret defense projects.

Sikh Convicted in Maken Murder Case
February 23, 2003:Outlook India
Riot Widows Postpone Immolation Plans
February 16, 2003
:The Tribune
Where Have all the Girls Gone?
February 7, 2003: Financial Timesijy News
Nada Sahib Rooms for Soldiers' Kin
February 5, 2003: Express Newsline
Lieutenant Governor to Preserve Gurdwara as Historical Landmark
February 27, 2003: Indiawest

$1 Million Bail Set for YC Case
February 20, 2003: Appeal-Democrat
Physician Ordered to Pay in Sexual Harassment Suit
February 19: Sacramento Bee
Sikhs Rally for Indian Prisoner
February 12, 2003: Appeal-Democrat
Family of Victim Puts up Reward
Febuary 9, 2003: Modesto Bee

Sikhs do not Doff Turbans During Security Checks in Saudi Arabia
February 27, 2003: Deepikaglobal

Bomb was Supposed to Explode on Ground
February 27, 2003: Vancouver Sun

Tape Reveals Suspect's Anti-India Speech to Sikhs
February 26, 2003: CBC News
Sikh Separatists Say Reyat is Innocent
February 17, 2003: Vancouver Sun

In His Mind, He's an Innocent Man
February 11, 2003: The Globe and Mail

Plea Bargain in '85 Blast on Indian Jet
The New York Times: Febuary 10, 2003
Suspect Gets 5 Years for Manslaughter in Air India Bombing
February 10, 2003: San Francisco Chronicle
Canadian Sikh Refuses to Appear Before Akal Takht
February 4, 2003: Sify News


Mark Of Excellence Retreat; Success through Sikh Values
MARCH 14-16, 2003

National Khalsa Day Parade at the Lincoln Memorial
APRIL 5, 2003
Khalsa Day Grand Concert the Lincoln Memorial
APRIL 12, 2003

The Sikh Foundation
Opening of the Permanent Sikh Arts Exhibit
APRIL 5, 2003



Wanted Immediately: Punjabi Teacher at George Washington University



Equal Opportunity for Sikh Women in Panthic Seva

Equality for Disabled Sikhs

Petition to Save Davinderpal Singh from Death Penalty

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