The thoughts and prayers of the Sikh community are with the families and loved ones of the seven astronauts who perished with the Space Shuttle Columbia...


International Pressure Mounts Against India to Stop the Execution of Davinderpal Singh
January 2003
Global -- The death sentence, however, was passed by a split verdict in the Supreme Court of India for the first time in its history...more

Part I: Background
Part II: International Efforts
Part III: Sikh Leaders Respond

A Symbolic Victory for the GNFA Opposition
January 24, 2003
Rockville, MD - The president of the Guru Nanak Foundation of America, Kashmir Singh, was found in contempt of an earlier court order preventing either side of the embattled Gurdwara from disturbing the rights of worshipers to freely attend religious services.... more

Ten Acquitted in Conspiracy to Blow Up Model Jail
January 14, 2003, TSS
Chandigarh, India --Amar Singh and Arunjeev Singh, counsel for all the accused, stated that the whole story of conspiracy to blow up the jail failed judicial scrutiny and proved that it was a frame-up to rope in innocent persons in a concocted case.... more

Committee to Study Report on Golden Temple as World Heritage
January 4, 2003
CPI Seeks Action Against Sudarshan
Sijy News
January 31, 2003
Sikhs Clergy Clear Nanakshahi Canendar
January 16, 2003
The Tribune


SMART, Fleet Bank Reach Historic Agreement
January 30, 2003
Yahoo News
Washington DC -- Fleet Bank's settlement of the discrimination claim, which included an undisclosed monetary compensation, coincided with an agreement with SMART...more
Commit a Crime? Wipe it Away for $30
January 15, 2003
The Maryland Gazettes
In November, the Sikh priest from North Potomac requested a Montgomery County Circuit Court judge to wipe his criminal record clean...more

Shuttle Tragedy Colors Prayers of Valley Faithful
Febuary 3, 2003
Fresno Bee
India Next in Line for Special Registration?
January 29, 2003
New California Media
Steadfast in his Turban a Lawyer Raises Awareness

January 27, 2003
The New York Times

Sikh Temple Opens its Doors in Springfield
January 1, 2003
Richmond Hill Society Elects New Slate of Officials
January 9, 2003
Scientist Roasts McDonald's Lawsuit Deal
January 14, 2003
Chicago Sin-Times

This Man Got His Mountie
The Tribune
Febuary 1, 2003

Australia Steers Immigrants Beyond Sidney
January 29, 2003
The Christian Science Monitor
13-Year-Old Believed to Have Thrown Molotov
January 31, 2003
Hawke's Bay
Sikhs Net a View of the Past
January 18, 2003
Birmingham Post


Orlando's Money Back Offer
All was going well until recently when some of the sangat received an irate letter from a young Amritdhari Sikh from New Jersey. His concern... more

Be a Leader and Liberate Sikh Women
It was painful to see that a basic tenet spelled out by our Gurus was not being followed, not even at Darbar Sahib...more


Wanted Immediately: Punjabi Teacher at George Washington University

United Sikhs Blood Drive Febuary 16


Petition to Save Davinderpal Singh from Death Penalty

Equality for Disabled Sikhs

Equal Opportunity for Sikh Women in Panthic Seva

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