Quote of the month: "It never happened." --- Kashmir Singh --- testimony of the chairman of Gurdwara GNFA, on denying entrance to people to the Gurdwara.


Prelude to Larger Litigation
Gurdwara GNFA Goes to Court

Dec 19

Rockville, MD -- The alleged incident of contempt occurred in the early Sunday morning of April 28, 2002, when Kashmir Singh stood by the entrance of the Gurdwara with four hired police officers and gestured to the officers as to which person could come in and which could not. He allegedly also had a few members of the sangat who were already inside removed from the Gurdwara... more

Sajjan Kumar, 16 Others Acquitted in '84 Riots Case
Dec 23 outlookindia.com

New Delhi, India -- Former Delhi Congress MP Sajjan Kumar was today acquitted in a 1984 anti-Sikh riots case by a city court which held that the prosecution had failed to prove charges that he had led a mob which killed and looted Sikhs in the capital... more

. Anti-Sikh riots: Widows demand CBI probe Dec 25 outlookindia.com
. Punish Cong leaders, say widows Dec 8 expressindia.com

British Bir: Cambridge Scholar Backs Jathedaar
Dec 14 INDIAN EXPRESS, Jatinder Kaur

Amritsar, India-- The bir lying at the British Library though old is not one which was written by Bhai Gurdas during the time of fifth Guru Arjan Dev. The original holy scripture is lying at Kartarpur Sahib with the successors of Baba Dhir Mal, who was the grandson of the sixth Guru Hargobind Singh... more

Sikh 'Nectar' Gets High Tech Clean-Up
Dec 17 news.bbc,co.uk, Asit Jolly

Amritsar, India -- Now, hundreds of years after the Sarowar was first filled with water, the custodians of the Golden Temple have decided to bring in American technology to purify the waters... more

UNESCO to Help in Gurudwara Maintenance in Pak
Dec 22 outlookindia.com

Referring to the letter he had written to UNESCO, Singh told reporters there were some 150 Gurudwaras in Pakistan including the one at the birth place of the first Sikh Guru - Guru Nanak Dev - which needed immediate maintenance... more


A Sikh brandishes his sword while holding his young son during a religious procession in Fatehgarh Sahib in the northern Indian state of Punjab, December 27, 2002. The procession was held to remember the two young sons of the tenth Sikh guru, who were buried alive in a wall in 1704 at the orders of the countries then Islamic rulers for refusing to convert to Islam. REUTERS/Dipak Kumar
Dec 27 8:36 AM ET


Sikh Sevadaars Raise $900,000 Bond
Dec 17 theargusonline.com

Fremont, CA -- Leaders of Fremont's Sikh temple posted the $900,000 set by a judge to delay a Jan. 12 election that would decide whether they can maintain control of the Bay Area's largest and wealthiest temple...more

Sikh Sevadaar Accused Of Gambling With Gurdwara’s Money
Dec 20 gamblingmagazine.com

B.C., Canada -- Members of the Nanaksar Gurdwara-Gursikh Temple Society have petitioned the B.C. Supreme Court to remove the temple's spiritual leader... more

SMART Evaluates "Bollywood-Hollywood"
Warns Sikh Parents

Washington DC -- Bollywood-Hollywood may include content offensive to some viewers. Sikh parents are warned to monitor children's exposure to... more

Islamic Rebels Kill Three Women in Kashmir
Dec 20 feminist.org

The group threatened to shoot Muslim women if they disobeyed, demanded that women from the Hindu minority community wear the traditional red colored dot on their foreheads, and ordered women in the Sikh community to cover their heads with a saffron-colored cloth... more


A Model for Abuse

One such case of protest by undertrials occurred in Model Jail, Burail, U.T.Chandigarh. In October, 2002, when a Sikh inmate complained of the cigarette smoking of another inmate... more

Lott's Loose Lips

It all seemed very chivalrous of the Republicans to have sacrificed one of their own in the name of civil rights. But the fact is that if Trent Lott had not blundered at that party, he would still be the Senate Majority Leader... more



Torture is not an Option
Dec 27 washingtonpost.com

And while the government denies that its purpose in transferring prisoners to foreign custody is so that other intelligence services can torture them, still another official says, "We don't kick the [expletive] out of them, we send them to other countries so they can kick the [expletive] out of them."... more



Petition to Save Devinderpal Singh from Death Penalty

Germany, a member of the European Union and opposed to death penalty, has sent a Sikh man to face the death penalty in India. Germany refused to offer Asylum to Davinderpal Singh, a political dissident and a victim of repeated torture... more


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