Quote of the month: "It never left my mind. I knew I would be doing this for the rest of my life."
--- Amardeep Singh --- a young Sikh attorney with Human Rights Watch in New York who specializes in International Human Rights. He says that he went into this field after hearing stories from young Sikh men from Punjab about the 1984 genocide of Sikhs.


Lessons We Learned From Hitman 2
Some Victories, Some Nagging Doubts - But Better Prepared In Unity
November 30

After watching one slam after another against the Sikh community in the form of films and TV shows and what not, Sikhs finally put up a fight - and made a difference.

But was it enough?

Those who took up the gauntlet explain. This is about how Sikhs fought Agent 47 (Hitman 2: Silent Assassin) and his creator, video game publisher Eidos Interactive.

The Hitman2 game that has players traveling the globe wiping out mafia bosses and ninjas will now be a bit more politically correct. The original version of the game imitated the 1984 Golden Temple battle in Amritsar when thousands of Sikhs were killed in an attack by Indian troops... more

Human Rights Watchdog Raps US Policy
HRW Report Seeks Proactivity, Flays Hypocrisy
November 14

Two issues of concern have surfaced according to Amardeep Singh, the report's author and U.S. Program researcher at Human Rights Watch.

The first is that, given the history of backlash against people who "appear" Muslim in the United States, the hate crimes that followed September 11 were all too predictable... more


Thoughts Of A Seasoned Warrior
An Interview With A Former Jathedar Akal Takht
November 30

Next morning, the meeting of Sikh leaders, including S. Gurmit Singh from the Council of Khalistan and S. Paramjit Singh, then President of DSGMC, took place. S. Gurmit Singh insisted that the only issue we would discuss with the President is Khalistan. S. Paramjit Singh objected and said, "in that case I will not be a party to this group." ...more

WANTED: Sikhs In Roop
Sikhe.com, November 12

The Sikh Community in the USA has an unprecedented opportunity before it. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the largest Sheriff's Department in the country, has invited Sikhs to join the agency and serve as uniformed officers in full Sikh roop ....more

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Imams of Inanity
Richard Cohen, The Washington Post
December 3

I think Falwell is an idiot. I will issue a retraction later... more

India and Bill Gates
Editorial, The Washington Post
November 21

But Mr. Sinha, like many Indians, did not like everything about Mr. Gates's visit. He was delighted to hear Microsoft's founder gush about India's high-tech potential, but when Mr. Gates warned of the potential for an AIDS crisis, Mr. Sinha accused him of "spreading panic." ...more

Two Faces of Secularism Balbir K Punj, mid-day.com
November 27

Congress, which had played the rabid communal card in Punjab in the 80s with disastrous results for the country, is busy playing the same game again. However, in the process it has dropped the fig-leaf of secularism and bared its communal fangs with the professional secularists looking the other way... more



The Sikh Foundation

The board of trustees of the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco have decided to postpone the date of the opening of the museum to March 2003. Accordingly the date for The Sikh Foundation banquet and lecture series have also been moved to Saturday, 5thApril 2003 Please plan to attend OPENING OF THE FIRST PERMANENT SIKH ART EXHIBIT at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, Banquet and Lecture Series and to Celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Sikh Foundation We will send you more details in February of 2003 Black Tie or Black Achkan


Police Enter Golden Temple Complex
November 10

Chandigarh, India -- Less than 24 hours before a five-member NDA team, led by union minister Sahib Singh Verma, could fly into the Holy City of Amritsar to oversee the conduct of next Tuesday’s annual election to the SGPC executive committee, Punjab policemen in plain clothes entered the Golden Temple complex on the pretext of searching all three serais (inns) there.
. Dad Stunned by Race Attack on Sikh Boy
. 1984 anti-Sikh riots probe report likely by March 31
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. Punjab Youths Dreamt of Greece, They Now Languish in Pak Jail
. Pakistan Hosts Sikh Celebration
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. Papal Ambassador Visits Golden Gurdwara


Sikh Gurdwara Prepares for Elections
Court-ordered voting on Jan. 12
November 26

Fremont, CA -- About 3,500 people have applied for membership to the Bay Area's largest and wealthiest Sikh temple, which would allow them to vote in a court-ordered election to decide leadership.

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. Sikh Man Kills Son, Injures Wife


. Sikhs Meet President Musharaf
. Reshuffle in PSGPC Likely
. Pak Plans Law on Sikh Gurdwaras

. U.S. Refuses to Meet Health-Care Needs

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