Quote of the Month: On one occasion she went out of the examining room to pray, "Vahe Guru Jee sirr thay hath rakhna…I don't know what I'm doing…" "There was no other doctor there and I had to stick a needle into a man's chest - no X-Ray, no surgery, no stat, no follow-up, no support for another month when the next doctor comes."And then she did it. [Dr. Seema Kaur volunteering in the Brazilian Amazon.]

The Sikh Sentinel: A Year in Pictures and Headlines

Sniper Wooed Sikh
Alleged U.S. sniper wanted Surrey contact for help with rifle silencer
Province Tue Oct 29

USA, Washington, D.C. -- Sniper suspect John Muhammad asked a Bellingham man if he knew anyone in the large Sikh population in Surrey who could... more
Eidos' Game Hitman 2 Archive

Game, Set, Match
Game Maker Eidos Interactive's Deadly Offering Hits a Storm
Sikhe.com Tue Oct 22

In The Eye Of The Storm
A Game Becomes A Case Study In Galvanizing A Community Into Action
Sikhe Mon Oct 28

Eidos Update: Nov 1
www.buy.com pulled Hitman2 from it's web site. California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamonte Endorses Hitman 2 Recall Campaign.

Amaz..ing Seva
A Young Sikh Physician Gives and Learns in the Amazon
Sikhe.com Nov 05, 2002

She says that people who go into medicine are generally altruistic, one way or another. "It's not for the money, it can't be. Even if it is initially, that idea would get beaten out of them in residency." Whether it is true for all doctors or not, it certainly is for this one... more

Ready To Fly
Spotlight on USSA: United Sikhs In Service of America
Sikhe Wed Oct 30

The task of working closely with people in need is a difficult one. USSA has found that the best way is... more
Equal Opportunity for Sikh Women in Panthic Seva
We the undersigned call for the implementation and daily observance of the resolution passed by Jathedars of four Takhats and Shiromani Parbhandak Committee in 1996 recognizing Sikh women’s equal right to perform Seva at Harmandar Sahib... more
My Rose Colored Glasses
I wasn't embarrassed by the young women with short hair and even shorter dresses, the young men with short hair and perverse thoughts, or the rigid narrow-minded parents stuck in their old customs. But I was embarrassed that these people were... more
Seeing Is...

As I approached the Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan, I saw it for the first time - the New York City skyline without the Twin Towers. An urgency came over me. I just could not leave without visiting ground zero... more

A Big Thank You and a Little Goodbye

We would like to thank all our readers for doing the one thing that keeps this newsletter going - reading it.

Increasingly, the news that appears on The Sikh Sentinel online also appears on www.sikhe.com. Over the past several months, the two news outlets have joined efforts to broaden our coverage for our readers... more

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