QUOTE OF THE MONTH: It never occurred to me that I should take my turban off. -by Dr. Navinderdeep Singh (Nijher) on his experience with backlash the day after 9/11.

17th Century Guru Granth Sahib Found

Sept 24, UK, London

A centuries old manuscript of the Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib or Adi Granth, has been discovered in the collections of the British Library. The manuscript, previously thought to date only from the late 19th century, has been shown to date from the middle of the 17th century (circa 1660-1675)...

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Lobbying Congress

Sept 23, Washington D.C.

The need to have a voice in government became abundantly clear in the wake of 9/11. In response, more and more Sikhs are getting involved in their government. Recently, a small group of Sikhs made their first attempt at lobbying members of Congress.

To prepare for the lobbying session, SMART held a "Strategy Sessions" seminar the day before. The theme: "Empowering Sikh Americans to Influence Public Policy."...

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Audio: Dr. Navinderdeep Singh (Nijher)

Sept 10, Washington D.C.

Dr. Nijher with Eric Bernard, Chairman of Board (Rockville Volunteer Fire Department)


Dr. Nijher speaks at the Public Service Commission

Sikh Awareness Tour: Summary of Dr. Navinderdeep Singh (Nijher)

Sep 4 - 11, Jagjot Singh - SikhCom

Spending a total of 8 days on the road, we spoke in 14 different cities and in front of 20 different organizations and communities. Nearly 20 television stations, 8 newspapers, and 8 radio stations interviewed us and carried Dr. Nijher's story...

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Another Blunder for Kushwant Singh

Sept 28, Anju Kaur

At first, Kushwant Singh's idea - to legalize prostitution as a means to reduce rape - made me cringe. Then I pondered over it, as he asks us to do, and I realized that his idea is in fact down right offensive...

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9/11: The Sikh Response


The Sikh Coalition

On 9/11, Ajeet Kaur was working on the 80th floor of one of the twin towers when first plane hit. She and her collegues fortunately ran out to safety. It was an incredible sight, she remembers...


Their mission - to educate the public about Sikhs and to improve the overall image of Sikhs...

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For two weeks after 9/11, the phone would not stop ringing, recalls Manjit Singh of SMART. The bill for their 800 number was quite high that month. Sikhs were calling to find out what was going on in the community and how to respond effectively...

Opening of the First Permanent Sikh Art Exhibit

Personal Stories of Backlash

Taranjit Singh was terminated one week after 9/11. He was stalked and harassed by an investigative reporter from the local NBC station, owned by the hospital. The reporter would even harass the Sikh community to find Taranjit's whereabouts. Rumors were flying in this city that a doctor was caught "celebrating" after 9/11 and handed over to the FBI and INS...

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Bias in the Indian Media

Sept 22, England

...But while the UK media essentially reported the convention as a successful event for voicing the Sikh cause, the Indian media portrayed it as a Khalistani scheme. This irked the Sikh Secretariat, the group which organized the convention...

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This poster appeared in the San Fransisco Bay area in the weeks before 9/11.

Censorship of The Sikh Sentinel Continues

While the other Gurdwaras in the Washington, DC Metro area continue to allow distribution of the Sikh Sentinel, both Guru Nanak Foundation of America and the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation have chosen to ban its distribution.