Khalsa Day Parade in Pictures

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Vaisakhi in Washington

April 6

The turnout was less than expected and there was a significant amount of langar left over. By 2:00 PM, however, about 750 Sikhs gathered to march down Constitution Ave...

Sit-In Protest at GNFA (for expelling Raagi Jathha)

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GNFA Gurdwara Shut Down by Police

April 26

The long and bitter battle at Guru Nanak Foundation of America, one of the largest Gurdwaras in the Washington D.C. area, reached another low Friday night when Montgomery County police shut down the Gurdwara and sent everyone home...

A Hand Picked Sangat

April 28

As people started arriving early Sunday morning for 7am Aasaa Di Vaar, they were met at the front door by four police officers and the chairman Kashmir Singh Dhariwal who was pointing to some people at the door and telling the police not to let them in...

Dr. Sukhmander Singh Speaks at the Kaur Foundation and Local Gurdwaras

April 20

Dr. Sukhmander Singh, who ran for Congress in the California Democratic primaries, was the guest speaker at the Kaur Foundation’s kick-off dinner event. ... Dr. Singh spoke to a sold-out crowd at the Bretton Woods Country Club...

WANTED: Sikh Police Officers

April 30

... DC Police Chief Ramsey has publicly stated he would welcome Sikhs to serve in the police department...

SMART encourages all Sikhs who are interested in a career with the DC police department to apply for a job.

To qualify for the position of police officer among other requirements you must:

1. Be a US citizen at the time of application

2. Have reached the age of 20 years and six months at the time of application and have reached the age of 21 years at the time of appointment...

GNFA Censors the Sikh Sentinel

May 5

Chairman Kashmir Singh Dhariwal stopped the distribution of the printed edition of the Sikh Sentinel, stating that it was the decision of Board of Trustees. When asked why, he stated that, "I have no time to argue with you. And if you continue, I will call the police."

GNFA Woes Get International Attention

GNFA’s problems are being aired online at www.sikhe.com, Global Sikh Daily News Online. The first article appeared on Sunday, April 28, “In the Name of Nanak,” about the sit-in protest of the dismissal of Bhai Jugmohan Singh and Jathhaa. The posting resulted in a flurry of responses from the global Sikh community...


Gujarat Riots Were Planned Genocide Says the International Community

The European Union, the Human Rights Watch (USA), and the British High Commission released scathing reports in April blaming the Gujarat and Indian governments and Hindu fundamentalist organizations of promoting, organizing, and exercising genocide of Muslims throughout India...


A Forgotten Sikh Tradition

Dr. Sukhmander Singh

The tradition was popularly known as charni lagna and used to be celebrated with great pomp and show. ... This was not only a glorious tradition, but it conveyed a profoundly meaningful message both to the Sikhs and the rest of the world...

Anju Kaur

Looking back, I feel that everyone of my generation, and perhaps all the second generation Sikhs, have felt the same way. We missed a golden opportunity to be taught Sikhi at the Gurdwaras in a more regular and more involved manner...

Dissolve the Gujarat and Indian Governments

Anju Kaur

It is the obligation of the Gujarat government, and I dare say the Indian government, to step down as did the Dutch government. And in addition, the perpetrators should be brought to justice in a U.N. tribunal should the Indian court system fail to do so...


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Management Whoas

May 3 (Harpreet Singh)

The Raagis may live in a large home but they are three brothers with families...

Opposition Rebuttal

May 2 (Arvinder Kaur, et. al.)

They set him up to use a highly accessible media to purposefully misreport events, for which he was personally absent, to garner media attention that he really would have been better off avoiding....

Management Woes

May 1 (Ajit Singh Dhaliwal)

5/6 people ladies and gents went into the main Diwan hall and grabbed the [visiting] Kirtan Jatha from the stage and stopped the Kirtan...

GNFA Youth Speak Out

April 28 (Youth of GNFA)

On behalf of our excellent and trustworthy bhaisahib’s the youth of Guru Nanak Foundation of America Inc. has come together to write a petition because we believe that bhaisahib’s should be permitted to stay in our Gurudwara...

Sangat Shows Support for GNFA Raagi Jatha

April 26 (Tejbir Singh Phool)

After fourteen years of selfless service and devotion to GNFA, Bhai Jugmohan Singh, Bhai Harmohan Singh, and Bhai Harvinder Singh were suspended from GNFA payroll, and removed from the premises under police escort at about 4:00p.m. on Friday, April 26...