LAJJA (Shame):

Train Bomb Sparks 1984-Like State-Sponsored Genocide in Gujarat

2000 Killed or Missing

Godhra train on fire.

Godhra train on fire. Image courtesy Indian Express.

The violence was coordinated and encouraged by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) - a pseudo-religious paramilitary group, the Indian police, and the Indian government.

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Sikhs Return 400-Year-Old Mosque

''The performance of Muslim religious prayers in the mosque after 55 years would be recorded in history as an event when Sikhs showed so much magnanimity towards Muslims,'' said Dr. Haque of the Punjab Waqf Board.

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Gurdwara Burns Down in New York

Politics Alive and Well

It took 145 firefighters nearly four hours to bring the blaze under control. Firefighters broke through a back window to rescue 15 Sri Guru Granth Sahibs. Two firefighters were among the injured, said Assistant Chief Joseph Callan.

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Burning Punjab Creator Dies of Heart Attack

"Burning Punjab" creator, Sukhbir Singh Osan, passed away of a heart attack in January at the age of 31.

As a lawyer and journalist, Osan did a lot of digging into corruption in the Punjab and Indian governments. His web site shows shocking pictures of Operation Blue Star, the 1984 genocide of Sikhs, and other human rights violations. The site also contains a large array of articles and document on these subjects.

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Lessons Learned for Dr. Sukhmander Singh and Sikhs

As we all know, the primaries are over and Dr. Sukhmander Singh did not replace Gary Condit as the Representative from California's 18th district. But all is not lost. For Dr. Singh, this was a learning experience in many ways. For Sikhs, perhaps this was another step on the path to have a political voice in America. So what did we learn?

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Video Documentary on Hate Crimes Against South Asian Americans (Sikhs)

SAALT video screening and panelists Q&A at Smithsonian.

SAALT's "Raising Our Voices," is a national campaign to draw attention to the problem of hate crimes and to foster local action. The centerpiece of the campaign is an educational video featuring testimonials from victims and community leaders.

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Drunk Man Kills Two People

Palvinder S. Randhawa, a 23-year-old Herndon man, killed two people on Tuesday, March 12, in Sterling, VA. Randhawa was driving drunk when he ran a red light and slammed in to a 1995 Honda killing Geraldine Daysi Alconini Mendoza, 23, of Arlington, and Danyal Mahmood, 20, of Herndon.

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No Elections at GNFA Gurdwara

Tent outside GNFA for quorum sign-in. Two attempts, no quorum.

About 550 people signed in for quorum at the Guru Nanak Foundation of America (GNFA) Gurdwara on March 2 to hold election, but the number half that needed. Two weeks later, another quorum was attempted, but only about 200 people signed in. That meant no elections at GNFA this year. The same elected trustees from last year were appointed by the Board of Trustees for this year's term.

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Rushdie's Scapegoat

Why is it that Indians always blame their problems on things intangible - the west, provocation, the ISI, and so on? In his article, "Slaughter in the Name of God," which appeared in a March edition of the Washington Post, Salman Rushdie blames the horrific mass murders in Gujarat on the ultimate intangible scapegoat - God.

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Sikh Woman Harassed in Supreme Court

I thought you may want to know about this incident. I am a second year law student at UC Berkeley School of Law currently interning with the Legal Affairs Department at a major press organization in DC. I attend almost all Supreme Court arguments and had this incident today:

-Roopa Singh

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Gurdwara Management

An inevitable question begs itself: How is it that there are and have been conflicts in almost all the Gurdwara Managements no matter where they are located, specifically, in the Western world? One wonders as to what are the bones of contention?

- Ujagar Singh (Bawa)

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POTO Will Be Used to Oppress Minorities in India

The controversial Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance (POTO) law was passed by the Indian government yesterday, but what is the use?

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GGSF Sensors the Sikh Sentinel

The first Sunday of February when I was doing my rounds distributing the newsletter, I was stopped by two officials of the Guru Gobind Singh Foundation. One was a very angry Rajwant Singh and the other, I didn’t get his name, may have been the Chairman. Rajwant Singh demanded that I stop passing out any more papers, saying that it was nothing but propaganda and that some people did not want it there. The other gentleman did not speak much.

- Anju Kaur

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